Hw do I align a chimney cowl?

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Re: Hw do I align a chimney cowl?

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Odsox wrote:
GeorgeSalt wrote:Standard cap for a woodburner installation in the UK is a simple (and cheap) zinc cap with birdmesh round the sides
That's exactly what I have, although mine is stainless steel.
However, the only reason I got one was to stop the wind roaring, it literally made it difficult to hold a conversation or listen to TV in stormy weather. Before that it was just a standard open pot and although logic says that rain will pour down the chimney, I never noticed any problems with damp or wet. I think the soot absorbs the raindrops and the updraft dries the soot.
It was open for several years without problem, so I'm not sure you actually need a cowl at all Mal.

Yes, the dinner plate on a bird cage design is ideal to stop rain but as GS says, the rain nearly always just soaks in and evaporates. Sometimes you have problems lighting the fire or the fire will smoke on a cold wet day because of a column of cold wet air that wants to sink is sitting in the flue. If you prime or preheat the flue, by setting light to a few sheets of twisted newspaper for example, you get the air moving in the right direction.

Make sure you have clear air bricks or if not a window cracked open a tiny weeny bit to allow the chimney to draw. In old draughty houses depressurization wasn't a problem but with modern houses tight as a drum and with extractor fans going the flue can't find enough air and can smoke.
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Re: Hw do I align a chimney cowl?

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If you're installing a new woodburner ventillation shouldn't be a problem - the installer has to check and if necessary install a permanent vent to a minimum surface area to comply with building regs. If he doesn't you don't get the HETAS certificate, and if you don't have the HETAS certificate your insurer might look twice in the event of a related claim. And the certificate goes with the deeds, etc for the house in the event of a sale. Why wasn't the HETAS installer supplying the cowl?
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Re: Hw do I align a chimney cowl?

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GeorgeSalt wrote: Why wasn't the HETAS installer supplying the cowl?
He doesn't do working at heights since he had an accident. I've no doubt he could supply a cowl but we are trying to save money here and his costs would be higher.

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