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Re: Omelette

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:06 pm
by ina
contadina wrote:...or feed your hens acorns if you want vivid green yolks :mrgreen: , which might look a bit odd, but are perfectly safe to eat.
:shock: Really? Never heard of that, but then - not many acorns around here...

Do they manage whole acorns, or do you have to chop them up?

Re: Omelette

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:18 pm
by contadina
It happened to my brother's hens and the vet said it was a common occurrence after they eat acorns. As they were foraged, I guess they must eat them whole :shock:

Mine feast on olives - thankfully their yolks are bright orange not black or purple :iconbiggrin: