Farewell Big Bob

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Re: Farewell Big Bob

Post: # 210854Post spider8
Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:49 am

So sorry, we know what you're going through and you did the best for him. Remember the good times.......he loved you :hugish: .
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Mrs H
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Living the good life
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Re: Farewell Big Bob

Post: # 211880Post Mrs H
Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:38 pm

Bloody hell what a hard few weeks!!!! Does it get easier soon? The comments on here and all so lovely and really hav meant so much, thanku all. Xx
I never imagined loosing Bob would be so hard, I still carry his collar in my pocket and photos completely break me. We got him cremated because we rent our house and couldn't bear the thought that one day we would hav to leave him here. His ashes are inside a little wooden sleeping cat, no one but Neil and I know what it is. We hav set it on top of a newspaper as that was Bobs irritating trait when u were trying to read them!!! Its comforting in a weird way I know, having him so close.
The kids hav found it very hard, Vale who has just turned 2 is still asking were he is, bless her she is just too young to understand and Finn who is 4 wet the bed for the past couple of weeks again and has talked about him on and off. We hav just made a big cat box for all the cats to keep them warm this winter and I think this is helping Finn.
To those of u who hav been threw this heart ache, will it get easier soon?
Thank u again for all ur mges. Xxx

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Re: Farewell Big Bob

Post: # 211882Post pelmetman
Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:06 pm

Yes it will get easier, you will never ever forget Big Bob, he was obviously a very lucky cat having you loving him so much. Funnily enough I mentioned to Dave a couple of days ago I'd been thinking about 'Harry' one of our beloved cats who died in 1994.

Remember him always with love.

Sue :flower:
Kind Regards
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Re: Farewell Big Bob

Post: # 211911Post Millymollymandy
Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:25 am

I hate to say it but my last cat who died about 4 years ago I still miss her and can well up just thinking about her. It took a bloody long time to 'get over her' but I think in part this was because we couldn't go straight out and get a kitten to take our minds off it. This is because our other cat has recurring bouts of some cat flu type of thing even though he is vaccinated, so it is impossible to have unvaccinated kittens in the house as he is probably a carrier. :( New kitten(s) really do help! I can think about all the other cats we've had who have died without feeling sad but not Daisy. I think some are more special than others, even though you loved them all the same at the time (or thought you did). :( :( :( Anyway just to let you know I know how you feel and sympathise! :hugish: :hugish: :hugish:
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Tom Good
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Re: Farewell Big Bob

Post: # 211945Post Jerseymum
Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:49 pm

I'm right there, crying with you: all the emotion of saying goodbye to our cat Heidi welling up. Loads of hugs to you at a sad time like this. Hope you find it easier to remember Bob in his hey-day than as he was when ill, soon.
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