Pram for sale

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Lucy Robyn
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Pram for sale

Post: #140363 Lucy Robyn
Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:22 pm

I have a good condition mother care pram for sale. Navy and white check, very good brakes, proper suspension. Ideal for new born baby with parents who walk alot. It will come apart for occasional transport in a car, but not quick fold like a buggy. There is a rain cover and sunshade, all covers are machine washable.

This pram is ten years old and unfashionable (I was the only person in south Bristol with my baby in one two years ago!) but excellent for a baby. I would like to see it go to some one who would use it for a baby.

Only £35 (ono), South Bristol UK,

If you're interested Drop me a message & we can get in contact. Lucy Robyn.

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