Housemate wanted smallholding near St. Albans herts.

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Housemate wanted smallholding near St. Albans herts.

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Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:49 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay and I'm a veterinary nurse living on a 5 acre smallholding near St.Albans. I'm looking for someone to rent just a double bedroom, or even better, 2 double rooms, a bathroom and a large office. The house is a large 5 bed with a big garden,outbuildings etc. Plenty of room for gardening, poultry etc. I have horses, a dog and several other animals so animal lover a must! Pets welcome as long as they get one with my sweet collie bitch. My boyfriend is a musician and comes home late at the weekends so that must be ok. We are relaxed, friendly and have no prejudices. We are 27 and 34 but any age welcome. I currently live with a lady and her daughter but I've married her off! If interested, PM me or call on EDITED BY ADMIN TO REMOVE PHONE NUMBER

edited by Annpan - don't put phone numbers on international forums, could be seriously dangerous dudes (and it's in our rules).... just looking out for you :dave: :dave: :dave:

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