OFFERED - Nappy wraps

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OFFERED - Nappy wraps

Post: # 151037Post Annpan
Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:32 pm

At the beginning of our big clear out before building work starts :cheers:

Can anyone offer a home to these beauties?

1 Strawberry patterned 'tots-bots' PUL wrap - size 2
1 Polka dot 'tots-bots' fleece wrap - size 1
2 Frog pattern 'cotton bottoms' wraps size Large
5 pairs plastic pants (actually maybe only 4 but I am sure there were 5 once, and the other is probably still in the nappy drawer)

£4.50* each plus £1 postage in total (willing to split them up if you only want some) Paypal if that's OK.
*Or any other reasonable offer of a swap (maybe seeds?)... or part swap, part money, or what have you.

I will be sticking things on ebay at some point but I bloody hate it so was hoping someone on here would like them and what with all the babies bouncing about just now :mrgreen:
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