More seed swapping anybody?

Not the 1970s UK TV programme, but a free place for people to swap, give away or sell anything from seeds to tractors. Anything illegal or immoral will be deleted.
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More seed swapping anybody?

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Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:40 pm

Here's a list of seeds I'm happy to swap, possibly more but will ahve to check numbers of what I've got:

Cherry tomatoes, balconi red and yellow.
Ildi cherry tomatoes (a yellow variety).
Cayenne pepper chillies.
Green and purple tomatillo.
Broccolli 9 star (white sprouting broccoli). I possibly also have purple early sprouting.
Brocolli romanesco.
Brussels sprouts red bull.
Curly Kale.
Little gem lettuce.
Cos lettuce.
Caulifower all the year round.
mixed salad bowl lettuces.
Rainbow carrot mix.
St Valery Carrots.
Red cabbage.
Turnips (snoball and purple top milan).
Swede Best of all.
Peas (Early and greenshaft).
Welsh onion.
Musselburgh leeks.
Spring onion white lisbon, normal plus winter hardy.
Sweetcorn (red strawberry popcorn, saved from last year, can't promise purity though as others on lottie have other corn varieties but worth a go I think).

I'm able to send out variable amounts of everything, pm me for details.

I would love to swap for (in a rough priority order);

Some sort of sauce tomato, peraps like roma or san marzano?
Some sort of savoy type cabbage
rhubbarb seeds.
Calendula seeds.
January king cabbage.
herbs seeds such as basil, chives, etc. as some of mine are long out of date. any useful herbs/ flowers. eg. chamomile, medicinal herbs perhaps? etc.
Anything a bit unusual I guess!

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