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Post: # 125Post yoshamuska
Thu Nov 18, 2004 6:11 pm

Thought you & others might be interested in this...


Cultures are available for free from people who brew it all around the world


Post: # 126Post Oscar
Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:31 pm

Wish I knew where to get some for free - I've been trying to get some for ages. For 'free' kombucha I've been quoted anything from $15 to $37 for a piece of kombucha culture. That is supposed to be for p&p, considering it's about the same consistency as a small piece of sponge it must be very heavy !! :( :( :( There are people out there making money out of 'free' kombucha.

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Andy Hamilton
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Post: # 128Post Andy Hamilton
Sat Nov 20, 2004 6:50 pm

That first post is a bit misleading, I had a look round the site and although you say that kombucha tea is available free, there is no sign of it on there.

I am hopefully getting some for free off a bloke I know in Bath, so I shall send you some if I can Oscar.
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Post: # 132Post Oscar
Sun Nov 21, 2004 5:30 pm

That would be great, I would be willing to pay p&p or perhaps a donation to a charity, it's just that I don't like being ripped off.
I recently got some Kefir grains and was asked for a donation, well I was so pleased that no one was trying to make money out of me, I made a more than generous donation to the lady concerned who was delighted.



Post: # 135Post yoshamuska
Mon Nov 22, 2004 3:08 pm

sorry - I mistakenly thought there was a list somewhere on that site

Here's an extensive list ...


all the best!



Post: # 149Post spyhunter
Fri Nov 26, 2004 6:58 pm

With the risk of sounding dumb, what are you all talking about?


Post: # 162Post Oscar
Sat Nov 27, 2004 4:03 pm

If you click on the links in previous posts and/or do a search for Kombucha, it will tell you all you want to know. Basically, it's a drink with health giving properties.
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