Do you want more categories on this forum? Do you want to see some other things on the main site? Any suggestions you have, please let us know.
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Living the good life
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Post: # 2750Post catalyst
Sun May 08, 2005 11:08 am

how about a ´corses´events section?
where i could put stuff liker this:

LILI are running the following courses during the month of July.

build your own earth oven 1-3 July
straw-bale building 1-3 July
how to make biodiesel 22-24 July

Course Title: build your own earth oven
Date:1-3 July 2005
Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire
Cost: £180 high-waged, £150 waged and £120 unwaged/student.
Discounts for 'Friends of LILI'. All meals and accommodation included
Course outline:
The course will aim to introduce methods of earth / cob building, and will include theory and practice with short demonstrations; however, the emphasis will be on hands-on learning. You will find space for fun and creativity and expect a workout for the body and mind! Participants should leave feeling confident in their ability to build the cob parts of an oven and to make and apply an earthen plaster.
During the weekend you will:
· explore the advantages of using earth ovens and building with earth in general
· learn the essential aspects of building a domed oven, as well as ways of sculpting and finishing cob
· learn how to make and apply an earthen plaster, which will include some cob bas relief sculpture
· learn about materials, where to locate them and how to test them
· learn about relevant tools
· learn how to fire up the oven efficiently, as well as methods of cooking and baking
· see a slide-show which will give you some inspiring ideas for your own cob structures
· learn more about the possibilities that this versatile material has to offer

Course Title: straw-bale buiding
Date:1-3 July 2005
Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire
Cost: £180 high-waged, £150 waged and £120 unwaged/student. Discounts for 'Friends of LILI'. All meals and accommodation included

Course outline:
This is a practical building project, aiming to leave a permanent structure on the site. This will involve some carpentry and general building as well as handling straw bales. We will try to avoid power tools and people of all abilities are welcome. You will also learn about the environmental and practical benefits of constructing buildings using straw bales.
The course will be run by Chris 'Chug' Tugby, who is one of the leading straw bale builders in Britain today. Check out his website World of Strawbale Building
During the weekend you will:
· build straw-bale walls
· learn how to work with straw bales, including cutting and tying
· erect at least part of the roof structure
· plaster with natural finishes
· see a slide show of straw-bale buildings & techniques
· examine existing straw-bale buildings, built using different methods
Course Title: how to make biodiesel
Date:22-24 July 2005
Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire
Cost: £180 high-waged, £150 waged and £120 unwaged/student. Discounts for 'Friends of LILI'. All meals and accommodation included.

Course outline:
Produce your own cheap, carbon-neutral diesel – no need for alterations to your engine. This course covers everything from a small home-made plant, to commercial-scale biodiesel production. The chemistry; supply of used cooking oil and other chemicals; vehicle considerations; Environment Agency and VAT law; plant design and construction using readily-available materials. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss your own project and those of other participants.
· what is biodiesel?
· environmental benefits of biodiesel
· theory: two ways of making biodiesel, using two different reactions
· biodiesel v. pure vegetable oil
· ingredients: supply of used cooking oil and other reagents
· vehicle considerations: the functioning of a diesel engine; fuel quality; engine requirements
· health and safety: handling of flammable liquids; minimising the risk of personal injury
· Environment Agency: the ‘Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control’ document; charging structures; criteria for ‘low-impact plant’
· Customs & Excise, and VAT law
· practical sessions: plant design and construction using readily-available materials; making biodiesel

Please visit our website (see below) for more information about LILI, and contact us if you are interested in this or any other courses.


Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is dedicated to helping protect the global environment by promoting sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life. Contact us to find out more about our courses, manuals, information sheets, products and presentations.
LILI, Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3LZ
(01296) 714184 web:

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Re: courses

Post: # 2776Post Muddypause
Sun May 08, 2005 9:45 pm

catalyst wrote:how about a ´corses´events section?
I was thinking that there are already quite a lot of different sections to this forum, which makes it quite a handful to navigate around.

How about a Diary section to the main site?

I've not got a clue how this could be done, but something that list dates, venues, and contact details (including web links), would maybe be possible. I'm not sure it would be good to include a lot of details, but enough for people to find out more if they are interested.

With an appropriate form, people could submit stuff, and perhaps it would be possible to automate it's inclusion, and maybe even its removal when it expires. Or am I just showing how little I know about web design?

Ignorance is essential

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Andy Hamilton
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Post: # 2783Post Andy Hamilton
Sun May 08, 2005 11:42 pm

I think perhaps I could learn how to set up a sort of wiki page or pages where people can post there own stuff. I have been pondering on this for a while. - A place where diary events and ethical products can be advertised perhaps. Will be little while yet as this creates all sorts of issues but certainly a stong possibilty.
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