Self sufficientish meet up 2007 September 15th

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There are LOADS of us Cassiepod! A lot of us spend our time between here and Neeps! - we're meeting up on the 28th April here at Kildrummy - we've got a guided walk around Wark Farm in Cushnie, a Neeps! food co-op shareout, and following Tracey Smith's idea of a sustainable sausage saturday we are having a scottish sustainable sausage saturday too!
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Ok, anyone in the South East area (actually, leading to london too) let me know and i'll see what i can find by way of campsites.

Home-brew party sounds good to me!!

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I'm up! 15th Sept in the diary 'SS ish' day! Hope the marrow rum will be fit to drink by then :drunken:

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Cassiepod wrote: I don't know how many folk are in the Aberdeen area
Quite a few - plus don't forget the rest of Scotland! I suppose Aberdeenshire is reasonably central for all of Scotland? Borders - 4-5 hours by car; Shetland - overnight on the ferry :wink:
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We'd love to come to a meet up! As it happens Chris' mum is in Derbyshire so we are usesd to travelling there, but we aren't that far from Scotland either - so Aberdeen probably isn't out of the question (we can drop Stoneheads mini oak trees off too!!). Just let us know where and we'll do our best to be there!! Looks like we may all have to buy ISH T shirts so that we can spot other ishers - makes a change from a red carnation under the clock!!
Looking forward to it
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