Articles that you would like to see on main site

Do you want more categories on this forum? Do you want to see some other things on the main site? Any suggestions you have, please let us know.
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Articles that you would like to see on main site

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Subject says it all are there any articles that you would like to see on main site? We should be writing some new ones over the next few months. So more about single vegetable like we have, or specific tips? Or what really we are open for sensible suggestions.
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Craft of the month - with link to instructions on 'how to' soap making, weaving, knitting, just a few to get you started.

Online shop - I am pretty sure it is do-able for self-sufficient-ish items, but I know it is a big ask.

I don't think 'gardening jobs for ...' will work anymore since there are members all over the world.
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What about having it as 'Gardening jobs for early spring', Gardening jobs for late summer' etc? Then people (in temperate climates, at least) could adapt it to their local conditions.
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