Tricycle for carrying children

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Tricycle for carrying children

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Hi There,

I currently use a trailer fixed onto my bike for carrying around my 2 children (aged 2 & 4). Thinking about having a third baby, who I would also like to transport on bike (when old enough). Thought that a tricycle with 2 rear seats, and a front mounted bike seat (e.g. bobike baby carrier) would do the trick.

I have been looking at some pashley picadors on ebay, but they all seem really expensive (especially considering the bikes must be in excess of 10 years old). Pashley have said that they don't sell the child seats any more.

I found this new tricycle,and wondered what peoples thought of it:
also on sale on ebay, product reference: 330248881136

I am a little reluctant to buy, as the patent looks like it was only granted last year, so I'm not sure if any teething problems would have been sorted out.

Alternatively, does anyone know how I could attach two standard bike seats to a standard Pashley picador?

Many Thanks

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Re: Tricycle for carrying children

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Stonehead - who posts on here has a fab trike... I have put a link to his blog page about it here

If I had the money and the space for one it would be a definite... I would imagine that you can get other baby seats to attach to the rear of it, or over the crossbar
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Re: Tricycle for carrying children

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i love the pashley, but theres no way i could afford one even second hand. i am thankful of my one and only child lol!

my trailer could carry two though...
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Re: Tricycle for carrying children

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I am very fortunate to have been given a Pashley for Christmas several years ago by my DH. He spend alot of time reconditioning it, and its been fabulous. I too have struggled to find the seats on the back, and when they do come up for sale they are mighty expensive!

Since my brood has expanded back in the Spring, I've been trying to find a way of transporting more than one child, and having the room for all the necessary pariphenalia that a trip to the allotment with two small children entails.

I have just bought a double trailer (from mrsflibble) and very clever DH will be making an attachment so that I can keep my useful box, and pull the children behind me. I love my trike and I highly recommend one - I couldn't comment about the new one you've seen, and I know that Stoney's new one was the price of a car! (but well worth the investment if you are serious about it be a viable form of daily transport)

Oh one other thought, The one nice thing about trailers or the Winther Kangeroo Trike is that the children are under cover, and protected from the elements to a greater extent. So depending on where you are and what time of the year you are planning to ride you might want to take that into consideration.

(Wow that got long!!)

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