Our 2nd water storage tank

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Our 2nd water storage tank

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Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:49 am

I've gotten lucky enough to buy those 265 gallon IBC plastic containers from a local factory for $40 each. We had one connected to the down spout of the gutter. I added a second tank yesterday which allows for a capacity of 530 gallons plus whatever overflows into a 30 gallon rain barrel. I really hope this is enough capacity to water the garden throughout the summer.

It wasn't easy connecting the two tanks together because the thread dimensions were not available in our local hardware stores. Could build a simple hose. However, I did come up with a solution using two elbows and a long length of PVC (1 1/2"). I coupled the two pieces of pipe together with a rubber hose and clamps. I hope this allows for settling so as not to put a strain on the glued PVC.

Next on the agenda, is to build a PVC distribution system. I hope to get time and resources within the next couple of weeks.

I can post pics later.


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