November salads

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November salads

Post: # 268868Post Annemieke
Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:50 pm

My November:
I go out and pick a few leaves of red looseleaf salad from their hidey holes in the slugcollars. Plus some Moroccan cress, more like a lettuce really. They have all stood the colder weather very well and I don't think the slug collars are really necessary as slugs aren't keen on red.
I have them with my sandwiches, along with slices of mooli/white radish, always a good autumn standby.
As the year progresses, the mooli will be replaced by black radish. Peel those (the black is very sharp), and they are just what the doctor orders until well in March.
In the meanwhile, those little lambs' lettuces are winking at me, promising plenty of winter goodies ....
By the way, mooli's and black radish should never be kept in plastic, or in the fridge. They don't like that anymore than you and me: a paper bag in a cold shed is best.
In the UK, the white/black radishes should be sown in July and August, respectively. The lambs' lettuce as well: let some go to seed and don't do too much hoeing, and you'll have them forever.
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Re: November salads

Post: # 268910Post grahamhobbs
Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:00 pm

Agree, especially the growing of lamb's lettuce. We were first introduced to it in France, foraged in the fields after the corn had been harvested. Now it just appears each year in our allotment and is an endless salad throughout the winter.

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