Mulled Apple Wine Recipe

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Mulled Apple Wine Recipe

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I have some over sweet apple wine that will be good for making into mulled apple wine at Christmas. So could anyone suggest a recipe or should I just have a go at a recipe for mulled cider?

Any suggestions appreciated.



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Re: Mulled Apple Wine Recipe

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Since no-one who knows what they're talking about has answered yet, I'll have a go. Since you already have: Apple flavour - check, alcohol - check, sugar - check, I'd keep it simple. Try heating with just a few spices - heavy on the cinnamon, lighter on the cloves and nutmeg - and see how it tastes. I see mulled cider recipes calling for dark rum, but I think that might be overpowering. I'd go for brandy if you want to add spirits, though personally I leave them out of mulled wine. You could keep things like oranges, vanilla and spirits in reserve, to add if needed.

Disclaimer: I've never mulled apple wine, though I have mulled a few others.

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