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Frugal Cooking – Part two – Fill the Oven and in Hot water

Yazan: admin | 28 January 2009 | No Comments
Categories: The Home, The kitchen

Fill the oven We probably all know that heating the whole oven just to cook one jacket potato is a bit of a waste but how many times do we actually act on this knowledge? It genuinely is quite easy, with a little bit of planning, to fill the oven up. The traditional Sunday roast […]

Saving Cash in the Kitchen – Fridge and cooker, Andy Hamilton

Yazan: admin | 09 January 2009 | 2 Comments
Categories: The Home, The kitchen

Saving cash in the kitchen – Part 1. I can never understand why people would waste money by wasting electricity. Let’s put aside any environmental benefits for one second and think in just monetary terms. You could be working overtime, or worse doing without a night down the pub just because you don’t run your […]

Solar Oven Recipe – Sourdough Bread – By Nev Sweeney

Yazan: admin | 04 January 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Lifestyle, Renewable energy

Here on this site is an article for making a box solar oven and in that article I expressed doubt that it would be capable of baking bread in winter (Australian Winter). Well, I proved myself wrong and very happily so! I have developed a bread recipe that can be used as sourdough or conventional […]

Making a Chook Brooder (Chicken Brooder)

Yazan: admin | 04 January 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Food, Livestock

I have kept chooks for many years, and for the past few years I have bought point of lay Rhode Island Reds from a local poultry farm to replace those that have gone to a better place. We have had some recent chookacides and we

Making a cotton Gin – by Nev Sweeney

Yazan: admin | 04 January 2009 | 4 Comments
Categories: Lifestyle, Nevs tips

The story of how I grow and spin my own cotton is still continuing, this years crop looks like it will be a big one (relatively – how much can you expect from three or four plants?). I still spin the cotton direct from the boll and have not gotten around to building a cotton […]

Wartime Recipes – WW2 recipes by Andy Hamilton and Mrs Flibble

Yazan: Andy Hamilton | 02 January 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Food, Seasonal cooking

The generation that lived through World War 2 are sometimes referred to as the Great Generation. Indeed they suffered hardships we can no longer imagine. To us this latest recession means that we might have to do without a night at the pub, sky television or a foreign holiday;  at worst it means changing our […]

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