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Preserving Cherries

Yazan: Dave | 27 July 2012 | 4 Comments
Categories: Food, foraging, Home Brew, Lifestyle and Recipes, Preserving, Wild foods

Town planners of 20th century often included cherry trees in their planting schemes as they loved the blossom. The fruit was something of an afterthought, but not for us foragers. It has meant that added to the list of usual places to hunt for cherries you should include housing estates and parks. You will more […]

Hangovers and how to Cure them naturally- By Andy Hamilton

Yazan: Andy Hamilton | 22 December 2010 | 7 Comments
Categories: Food, Herbal medicine, Home Brew, Home brewing, Reference

What’s more increased bladder flow can deplete valuable vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C and various B vitamins. To further these feelings an increase in REM (rapid eye movement/dream) sleep means your brain has been falsely excited and this can lead to depression.

Taking the fear out of winemaking part 2 – By MKG

Yazan: IshBot | 06 January 2010 | 14 Comments
Categories: Food, Home Brew, Ishers Tips, Preserving

Messing around in a bucket Those somewhat fictitious “traditional” ancestors of ours made wine in anything they could find. Usually, they would have started it in a big bowl covered with a cloth and then finished it off in a salt-glaze earthenware pot – at which point they couldn’t see it any longer. And that’s […]

Nettle Beer – Andy Hamilton

Yazan: Andy Hamilton | 29 October 2009 | 5 Comments
Categories: Food, Home Brew, Home brewing, Wild foods

Nettle Beer This is an easy recipe to follow and creates a delightful, if not usual tasting beer. It is very cheap to make and follows a traditionally english recipe. Before hops were widely used in the 17th century all sorts of plant were used to flavor the ale including nettles.(Urtica dioica). It was also […]

Simple (and cheap) beer made with real hops

Yazan: Andy Hamilton | 10 October 2008 | 2 Comments
Categories: Food, Home Brew, Home brewing

The beauty of this beer is that you can forage or grow one of the key ingredients of it, namely the hops. If you look to your right you will see  my hop plants happily growing on my allotment. They are very easy to grow needing just a cutting and wire or trellis to climb […]

Elderberry Wine – Extract from the Self sufficientish Bible

Yazan: admin | 19 September 2008 | No Comments
Categories: Food, Home Brew, Home brewing

THE ELDERBERRY WINE RECIPE – taken from The Selfsufficientish Bible published by Shodder and Stoughton Our parents, who are fortunate enough to have an elder tree at the bottom of their garden, have tried various different elderberry wine recipes over the years and they have now settled on this one as their favorite. This recipe […]

Pear Wine – Andy Hamilton

Yazan: Andy Hamilton | 14 September 2008 | No Comments
Categories: Food, Home Brew, Home brewing

Dave and I were sitting having a meeting the other day (End of August) and we noticed a massive pear tree laden with pears from the window. Straight after the meeting we ran out to the garden and loaded up our bags. I know have some soon to be pear wine fermenting away in a […]

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