dave and andy hamilton

Beetroot – Beta vulgaris – By Dave and Andy Hamilton

This misunderstood vegetable is often treated like that strange friend from school who despite heavy hints, stays in t ouch. It sits there in a pickle jar at the back of your cupboard taunting you.  It may make an awkward occasional appearance at a dinner party where it stains the salad and taints the overall flavour with a slight acidic vinegary taste. However, this vegetable need not be [...]

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Turnip – Brassica Rapa By Andy and Dave Hamilton

Turnip is a member of the mustard family and is related to cabbage.  Origins of the Turnip It is likely that it originated in Northern Europe around 2000 B.C. although some sources indicate it may be of Mediterranean origin or even Asian.  Records suggest that around 1500 BC forms of wild turnip were grown in India for its oil-baring seed as it is today in the form of oil seed rape.  It seems [...]

July 6, 2008 // 0 Comments