Growing in 2021

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Re: Growing in 2021

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Funnily enough it's better here. March and April were cold and wet (and windy) but most of May and all of June so far, have been "normal" Irish weather, mild with rain at least 2 days per week.
Everything is now growing like mad especially the grass.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Growing in 2021

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I don't know what is going on here, we are still getting 3-4 frosts a week, some rain and temps are still mildish (teenc C) but very poor and patchy germination of anything and growth is extremely slow. We are hand feeding everything when we would usually be over supplied with feed. The broadacre croppers around us are having the same problems.
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Re: Growing in 2021

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Nothing knows what it's doing here with very hot summer weather, humid days and the odd day of torrential rain nonstop or days of passing violent showers and hot sun. You hear the cry of "my cabbages are splitting" and "my turnips are going to seed" - well yes the kale has done that along with the summer turnips.

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Re: Growing in 2021

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Things are starting to chug along a bit better here, albeit what feels like a good month behind. Finally getting broad beans in decent quantities, and a few spuds. Runners and climbing beans are well and truly off, lettuces are coming in thick and fast.

Kale, spouts and broccoli all seem to be chugging along happily.

Getting the fruit now as well; first tayberries after the bush was put in two years ago, and I quite like them. First few raspberries, and the strawberries are in full swing as well.

Currants starting to get there. Feels like things are taking off a bit :)

No apples on the trees, but they're still a little young really.
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