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Local Food Map

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Hello everyone,

These days lots of people are aware of food miles, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to look for local food sources. It would be great if people could share Local Food information via our website, http://www.localfoodmap.net/ . Local Food Map's aim is to help people find food within a certain vicinity and is available free, on a non-profit basis.

Using the site, food growers can sign up and list their eggs, fruit, vegies, etc, which are displayed on the map with the icon of their choice.

Another useful feature of our site is that customers can "subscribe" to a particular food grower, to receive emails when fruit is in season ready for picking, for example.

At this stage, most of our producers are located in Australia. However the website uses Google Map technology and is ready to go for use worldwide. If you wish to see a demonstration of the website working, try searching Victoria, Australia as your locality. For example:

Find All Produce nearest to Victoria, Australia Max 40
... and click the "search" button (this will display up to 40 producers on the map).

We also have a widget which can be placed on any website - you might be interested in placing this in a corner of your website. You can pass parameters to the widget code to define how it loads, ie position, maximum producers etc.

http://www.localfoodmap.net/about/put+a ... +your+site

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Rosemary & Gordon Rouse
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Re: Local Food Map

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I got very excited when I saw this thread but has anybody used this? Or are there similar things already in use for the UK? I've found some different sites when I'm searching to food producers local-ish to me in south Lincolnshire, but they seem a bit patchy in how up to date and comprehensive they are.
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Re: Local Food Map

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I live in the UK in the north and get all of my organic food from https://www.graigfarm.co.uk/. They're a family based farm in Wales.

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Re: Local Food Map

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There's a fairly comprehensive website here which lists community growing schemes that do veg boxes or crop shares for members in their area.

It's an interesting concept, community supported agriculture. But the basic idea is to grow and supply locally. There's one such scheme up the road from me (I do the blog and facebook stuff for it). Such a scheme requires a lot of effort and work share (unpaid volunteers who put in a set amount of time in return for a crop share) as well as enough paying members to make it financially viable. But the ethos is locally produced food with very few food miles.

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