Introducing Good Life Weeks on April 14th

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Introducing Good Life Weeks on April 14th

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We've just been re-watching The Good Life and were inspired to create a Good Life Week on our Dordogne smallholding. From April 14th (that’s in just over a month), would-be Toms and Barbaras can get gloves-on experience of a whole range of skills, like:

o Animal house construction
o Bread making
o Butchery
o Chicken catching
o Clay oven cooking
o Dry-stone walling
o Fencing (hedging, solar, stock etc)
o Hole digging
o Manure management
o Pig husbandry
o Sausage making
o Tractor driving
o Veggie bed planning
o Woodland management
o Working with must-have tools

Probably a bit basic for many (ish) readers, but this introductory course will be perfect for others. Participants will stay in one of our two 18-foot handcrafted guest yurts, each furnished with one double and two single beds including sheets, duvets and towels. Facilities include a fully equipped canvas-covered kitchen with gas oven and BBQ, a “tree bog” compost toilet and solar shower.

The course includes four hours of structured activities every morning, working with me and Her Outdoors. Following a communal lunch, afternoons will be left free to explore the surrounding area the countless delights that make the Dordogne one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

A reasonable level of fitness would be helpful, but is not essential. As (ish)ers will know, the “Good Life” is very physical, and less active people will be limited to two hours of strenuous activity per day for their own safety. “Good Life Weeks” cost £300 per person including a welcome supper on arrival and daily communal lunch. For a bit more info, read the press release here:

If you or anyone you know are interested, send us an email. If April's too soon, we'll be running an Autumn Good Life Week in, er, the Autumn.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and have a great Spring. Here's hoping it rains.

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