T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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Just found this and thought it might be of some interest to people, has anyone seen it?

http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?doc ... 4893922585

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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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I don't need to watch it, but I will. Could I hate supermarkets, especially T€esco, any more than I do?

Potential supermarket haters might like to read the likes of:

The new legislation will create a powerful incentive to shift business out of this country and into nations with lower corporate tax rates. Any UK business which doesn’t outsource its staff or funnel its earnings through a tax haven will find itself with an extra competitive disadvantage. The new rules also threaten to degrade the tax base everywhere, as companies with headquarters in other countries will demand similar measures from their own governments.

So how did this happen? You don’t have to look far to find out. Almost all the members of the seven committees the government set up “to provide strategic oversight of the development of corporate tax policy” are corporate executives. Among them are representatives of Vodafone, T***o, BP, British American Tobacco and several of the major banks: HSBC, Santander, Standard Chartered, Citigroup, Schroders, RBS and Barclays.
Or this:
...there is no legal requirement for the developer to ensure that the claims it makes are accurate. T***o’s application is riddled with questionable statements. It maintains that the new store “will provide a minimum of 140 additional full and part time jobs”. But the superstores’ own research shows that every large outlet causes the net loss of 276 jobs. That’s hardly surprising: independent shops employ five times as many people per unit of turnover . T***o maintains that it will buy local produce “wherever possible”. But when its representatives were challenged on this point, they said that local suppliers would have to sell their produce to the company as a whole. It would be trucked to the nearest distribution centre – now 120 miles away in Avonmouth – and then trucked back across Wales to Machynlleth. Incredibly, T***o proposes that its new store will reduce the traffic on our congested roads. It appears to be relying on a radical misinterpretation of the evidence.

But the real issue is this: if the county council turns it down, T***o can appeal. The cost to the council would be astronomical. As John Sweeney, leader of North Norfolk District Council observed, T***o “are too big and powerful for us. If we try and deny them they will appeal, and we cannot afford to fight a planning appeal and lose. If they got costs it would bankrupt us.” Hardly any local authority is prepared to take this risk. T***o can keep appealing and resubmitting, using its vast funds until it gets what it wants. Objectors, by contrast, have no right of appeal.
People have been beguiled into believing supermarkets have their customers' interests at heart and provide good food at cheap prices. Why on earth should they?

You're ishers. Grow your own or buy from growers. Cut out the middlemaniac.

Footnote: I just previewed the post and we have a new swear word! Excellent!
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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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You know how to use apostrophes, so I'll just agree with you, nasty nasty T***o!

I heard they started listening to my voice mails, to see if any other multiple retailer had been leaving me messages about special offers and that. Apparently Terry Lehy once had a sleep over with Eric Pickles, who interstingly has never made pickles, put has made a chutney once. There is also a manager in the T***o in Prestatyn with long red hair who denies knowing that the milk is delivered to the store in Lorries, her previous assistant Manager, when she was in Rhyl, has left to work for Sainsbury.
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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T****o wants to control every aspect of human life and to remove all opposition.
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Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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I think if you're slagging them off then you should use the whole name, T***o are definitely a force for bad in the UK, they love to con you into thinking that they're helping the customers and society but in reality they are destroying much of what's good.
P.S. Oh, it didn't work, the site doesn't like me slagging off Tes-co
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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has anyone noticed that some of the veg from A*di and the likes doesn't seem to go off for ages?? It worries me.. Not like its super fresh, like its being preserved... *shudder*

Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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Probably been irradiated to kill off bugs.

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margo - newbie
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Re: T***o: the supermarket that's eating Britain

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Any commercial interest has your MONEY at heart NOT you. Do not use loyalty cards as they can then track your habits (good and bad)!
Thanks for your time.

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