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preserving fruit, vegies etc

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For those people who use the Fowler Vacola preserving bottles, i would like to post a few hints.
Maybe I am not to particular with all the sciences, but i make 40 bottles of plums and 40 bottles of peaches each year.
I look at the rings and use them many times over. If the rings look a little dodgy, replace them.
I use the same lids over and over. Once again, if they are becoming damaged, get rid of them. Yes we buy the rings and lids at the hardware store. Why i think the Vacola bottles are superior, is because they have steel lids, and it does not matter if cold condensate falls on the lids. I was brought up in Holland where we used glass lids and we were forbidden even to touch the lid of the cooking vessel incase a cold drop of water cracked the lids.
i am now preserving broadbeans. (Lima beans in US)

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Preserving jars

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Personally I've been using old jam and pasta sauce jars for making jam and bottling fruit for a while now with no problems. The tomatoes do just fine with a small amount of salt added. Rusty lids and damaged jars generally won't seal, so it's better to throw them out.


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