Smoking anyone?

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Smoking anyone?

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Has anyone tried DIY smoking of food? I'm wondering if I could somehow pipe the smoke from a small fire though an old dustbin or something similar and hang food in that. Being a bit cagey I'm loath to risk wasting good food though so if someone else has some experience in this I'll happily learn fom it!


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Sorry Tricky,

Havent tried it myself, but there should be plans on the net for mking a smoker. I have seen plans based on a fire under an old refridgerator or filing cabinet!

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Check out the river cottage website to make a smoker.
If I remember rightly use two metal dustbins drill lots of holes in the bottom of one and cut the whole bottom off the other one. The one with the holes drill or cut more holes around the top edge of the bin and insert bars through to act as hangers. Make a hole in the lid for a chimney.
You will need to start a fire then let it die to ashes place a metal tray on the ashes with some wood shavings on different shavings different flavor. Place some bricks around your ashes to use as feet then stand you bottomless bin on the bricks upside down then place your bin with the holes on top the right way up hang you food on the rails you made from bars and place the lid on.
Iv never done it but that's one method hope it helps


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I got the book "Preserved" by Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton for Christmas. They talk about building your own hot smoker and cold smoker. The hot smoker is basically a galvanised garden incinerator with holes in the bottom (and holes around the top to put in wires so that you can hang stuff) stood on brieze blocks with a gas ring underneath - on the gas ring goes a piece of metal onto which you put your sawdust.

Building a cold smoker seems to be pretty much the same method as the River Cottage smoker. I can type out more detail if you need it.

It just so happens that I have a redundant galvanised garden incinerator... :wink:


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