Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Tuesday, 5th August, is almost here.

That's the day (unless something gets in the way in the next 48 hours) that Ish will be moving and so will be offline for some time. I'll add times and durations, if possible, to this post as and when we know more.

If anyone happens to glance at the sky during our down-time and spots a greenish, amorphous blob passing overhead and travelling in a northerly direction, don't worry - that's just the Ish database flying towards John Headstrong's server (at the moment, John Headstrong = RunsWithLurchers, in case you didn't know).


EDIT 1: Things are beginning to move quickly :shock:

John (nearly forgot ... All Hail) may get the chance to begin the task earlier than he initially thought, so it's possible that he'll begin the job on Monday night rather than waiting for Tuesday. So if the site disappears suddenly tomorrow evening, you know what's happening. The good part of that is that Ish may return earlier than we thought, although that comes with a caveat - the database, apparently, is in one hell of a mess.

EDIT 2: Latest news from John (see above) ... The site will close down at 1 minute past midnight on Tuesday morning and, in all probability, will be down for at least 24 hours. Ishers are advised to stock up on emergency supplies of tomato juice, coffee and homebrew (whaddya mean, no homebrew???!!!!). It'll be just like the return of Apollo 13.
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