Progress Report 3

Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Progress Report 3

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As you already know if you're reading this, the database has been safely transferred and is now snuggling down in John Headstrong's server. That's a major part of the rescue effort over and done with, then. But, as you'll also know if you're reading this, there are major problems left on the site ...

It's very slow. It's like wading through treacle at times. This could be because there's a little bit of code in there searching for something which no longer exists (as an example, a link may have disappeared or been deleted but the initial query is still in the code) or a routine could have been added which can no longer complete for a million reasons, or August may now have 38 days. Whatever it is, John will winkle it out and good response times will return.

The Search functions are not working (although when the site first returned, I did manage to do a search going back to 2004 with very successful results). They're probably not working because they are now disabled as John is working on them. They will be back ASAP.

And as far as I can see, they're the only two major things which remain to be done. Bear in mind the warnings from John which I repeated in earlier posts - the database was in a mess and needed major surgery. Well, this is it and, if I'm right about it being "the only two major things" then we can count ourselves lucky.

Thanks for your patience and understanding - it really won't be that long now, and it will have been well worth the wait.
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Re: Progress Report 3

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Hooray - congratulations and many thanks for all the hard work! I can cope with slow... :)
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