Multi fuel stoves etc

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Re: Multi fuel stoves etc

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Just installed a 12KW multifuel stove with back boiler at the croft here at Benderloch near Oban....let me know if you are still having dramas finding a sweep etc, I know a bloke in Oban who sweeps chimneys/installs stoves/builds fireplaces etc and who is 100% reliable. I noticed a few comments earlier in this thread about the reluctance of local workmen to come out- let me assure you, as a born and bred Argyllshire man, that getting a local tradesman out is virtually impossible, I can't work out why, but waiting months is the norm. And I was in School with most of 'em. Interestingly, the chap I mentioned is an 'incomer' albeit from a different part of Scotland, but he comes when he says he will and does what he says he does. And cleans up.
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