Don't let them force new nuclear on Scotland - FOE Petition

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Don't let them force new nuclear on Scotland - FOE Petition

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Received this in my inbox this morning and thought I'd share it with you.

Don't let them force new nuclear on Scotland

Email First Minister, Jack McConnell, before 14 April

The UK government is currently holding an 'energy review' which looks like giving the go ahead to a new nuclear power programme.

Nuclear technology is inherently dangerous. It is also completely unnecessary. Our energy needs could be met with safe and efficient renewable energy technologies and serious investment in energy efficiency.
We urgently need your help to ensure that Scotland follows a path to a clean energy future. Investment in renewables and energy efficiency would be undermined if UK ministers are allowed to foist a new nuclear power programme on Scotland.

We need your support

Use the link below to let Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell, know that you want a low carbon, nuclear-free Scotland.


Help spread the word
Please use the 'forward link' below to pass this email alert on to all your friends.

Thank you for your support


Lang Banks
Friends of the Earth Scotland


phone: 0131 554 9977
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I had a young lady come to my door the other day, with a petition for our local MP (also a cabinet member) against new nuclear power.

I'm so impressed with her dedication & energy. I signed the petition & will also be emailing my MP - I haven't bothered her for a while :wink:

I'd rather see a range of wind turbines, than a nuclear power station, on the horizon.

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Done. Thanks for pointing that out! I've now joined their e-mail list as well...
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