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Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Re: ESSE Range advice

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Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:06 am

hey all,

this is a reaction from Amsterdam. My W35 is burning at this moment and heating a 275m^2 old house from 1650.

The systeem is very simple and works very good. I will try to explain.

When It burns, like now, the Laddomat pump brings warm water from the stove's boiler to a 500 liter boiler which is upstairs. Next to the pump the Laddomat takes care that always 60C water is returned to the boiler in the stove. This gives a good combustion.

Whitin this 500 liter tank you have enough buffer/capacity to burn the stove and not using the warm water directly (for instance at this moment; the temp in the house is yust okay so the central heating system is not turned on).

In the boiler are several heat exhanger in which one of these is fitted (in serial) in de original system ring of the conventional Gas heating system, If there is warm water available in de 500l boiler it is being used as pre heated water to de Gas heater. This heater is very clever and determines what the temp is before it enters the gasburners and will act on that measurements; when hot enough it is sent true the system (radiotors, floor heating) without starting up the gasheaters (the pump of the gasheater is on since there is a demand for heat). When the water is not warm enough the gas system turns on and moderates (less or more gas) the gas supply

I do not yet have connect to the warm tap water system. This also easy with de the second exchanger which is in the boiler. At this moment I see that I can use all the warm water for heating the house, so at this moment it is not interesting to do this. Mayby later on when I am going to isolate the old windows....

So in short:
- A clever gas heater
- A boiler with enough buffer
- A laddomat + temp measurement
- and a few pipes.

Very easy.

If you have questions you can sent me an email.


maybe this can help you

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Re: ESSE Range advice

Post: # 247036Post kazaddress
Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:03 pm

Thankyou so much Marc. this is exactly what i wanted to hear.the w35 how often do you have to re-stock it?
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Re: Woodburning for everything. Cooking, Heating Water

Post: # 256812Post Jonners
Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:16 pm

I am in the process of buying a cottage in East Sussex and since it has no heating or cooking but has land and trees, I thought that I should try to be sustainable and I believe , carbon neutral, which even as I write it, sounds very unlike me!

I have been researching it and I seem to get different answers wherever I turn.

I have looked at Rayburn, Wamsler, Sandyford and Esse (I have a gas one currently). It seems to me that the Esse is the best, seems to be designed for the purpose, ie wood burning.

I also want to add in a wood burner and solar. I do not plan to have any oil or gas. Just electricity, I think candles and lard lamps may be taking sustainability a bit far. I also do not intend to have any other cooking stove.

It seems that the priorities are. To not burn the house down,to not blow up the boiler (and house) , be able to cook, keep warm and clean.

Cooking is most important as I cook many things in my current Esse and most of the time. I also use my Oz-pig!

And not to spend daft amounts of money , I am very happy to invest in the sustainable future and agree I should but everything I am told or read tells me it will cost a fortune. It is not surprising I wake at three in the morning in a cold funk , telling my wife we are having oil! (no gas anyway).

Luckily after a load of coffee, I go back to wood and spend the entire day on the Internet or phoning people, who either frighten me or confuse me, sometime I think it is on purpose.

I think I want or need an Esse, Thermastore (not sure how big or what make) A new efficient wood burner for the inglenook and some solar stuff for the roof.

It is a small three bed cottage, with a fairly open plan ground floor. I plan to heat the Kitchen with the Esse, the downstairs with the Woodburner and use the rads in the hall stairs and bedrooms. I am not sure how many rads I can run.

Summer confuses me, as some people tell me that I have to have the heating on if I want to cook, else I will blow up East Sussex.

Any help most welcome.

I am thinking of creating a web site or blog for the entire adventure, does anyone think that would be a good idea or even want to contribute?

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