NOT April 1st

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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NOT April 1st

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This item was featured on local TV news last night. ... 082532.stm

Given Stagecoach's less than glorious ethical history, you've got to wonder if this is just a way of them taking the (ahem) piss.

I also wonder how they collect the stuff - a man with a bottle, who follows the sheep around?

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How on earth do they collect the wee in the first place? :shock: well if it works, it works.
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Are EWE sure about this?!!! Are they pulling the WOOL over our eyes? It's a WEE bit interesting isn't it.

The next thing we'll see is sheep loos!
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When I was in the chemical industry all urea was made synthetically by slamming ammonia and carbon dioxide together at high temperature and pressure. It was the first organic chemical to be produced artifically and as such caused a stir with the church at the time. Anything that was produced in the body was "holy" and therefore impossible to be produced when some one actually did it.... :oops:

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The urine is collected by the fertiliser industry from farmyard waste and refined into pure urea, which is then sold on to be used in the green engine technology. Ammonia from the urea reacts with nitrous oxides in the exhaust fumes and converts them to nitrogen gas and water, which is released as steam

From the Guardian


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