101 Reasons for Having Raised Beds

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Re: 101 Reasons for Having Raised Beds

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Raised beds with a view - nice!
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Re: 101 Reasons for Having Raised Beds

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Stunning, isn't it. Unfortunately the price of that is the wind - 100+mph in January straight off the Atlantic, which is off to the right.

The strange thing is this little triangle was completely untouched by the wind and we hadn't put all the windbreak materials up then. The polytunnel (I'm standing in the pt doorway to take the picture) was trashed - it even buckled the heavyweight frame).

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