101 ways to earn a little extra cash

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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yvette wrote:16. If you can cook,offer to cook things for people - when my partner was out of work, I made cakes and took soups into work (just thought, if you are doing this for more than friends you might need to be inspected - best to keep it informal).
Anyone preparing food for other people should have their kitchen registered/inspected and hold a Food Hygiene Certificate whether it is on a voluntary basis or fole sale. (Even charity cake stalls should come under these regs but very often fly under the radar)

I'm not sure what the regulations are if you go into a persons home and cook a meal in their kitchen - expect you would still need the Food Hygiene Certificate

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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boboff wrote:3 - 4 %
OK - so, if you could get £1000 interest free for six months you'd be looking at £15-£20. Loan sharking with the money would, of course, be more profitable (20% per month I understand is not at all unusual, more for small amounts) but, I don't know, it doesn't exactly feel "-ish" does it?

How about:

24 Take in a lodger? If you've got students in the area then you might well be able to undercut private landlords.

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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I think most people could get £12 - £15k without too much trouble, although the true free ones are hard to find, if you transfer money then normally there is a 1% charge, so you have to actually spend on the card to take advantage of the interest free bit.

I have done it when I had a particular project in mind, and had 18 months in effect to save up to pay for it, without it costing me anything to finance.

It's allot of faff for £300 - £400 a year, and if you get it wrong and miss a minimum payment or miss the cut off for interest being free it gets very costly very quickly.
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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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An unenvious situation,my niece has just had her first baby,and is in the same boat,got to go back just to pay the rent.
Bit dire,but wouldn't it be more lucrative on supply?..at least you'd have more time at home.
It would be more lucrative oldjerry but Supply is almost always short notice, i.e. they let you know that morning, and I am not sure I could find child care at such short notice.

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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pull out teeth and sell them to the thooth fairy
Darn that Wabbit

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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Start up a 'money saving' website tell folk your an expert and 9 years later sell the site for
£87 million.
Not a bad idea really !!

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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25. Dog walking
26. House/pet sitting
27. Tutoring (double check the rules but I believe you can tutor GCSE level without a teaching qualification)
28. Life modelling
29. Freelance gardening
30. Babysitting
31. Cleaning
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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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PlainQB mentioned working for a sex line. My wife or myself don't think we could do that but a conversation with friends down the pub threw up something similiar.We recalled how years ago certain "gentlemans" magazines carried adverts for used knickers. We laughed about it but I then did a quick search on tinternet and it seems there are sites selling just that with prices ranging from £10-£18 each. Now the idea , if I actually had the bottle to do it , would be to buy a load of cheap womens knickers and each wear a pair a day giving us around 730 pairs to sell a year! I also recall many years ago of a chap in Germany who had a similiar business and to simiplfiy it all didn't bother sending out anything. He was only found out when one out of his five thousand customers complained to the police about the scam.
As I said I wouldn't really have the nerve to even try it.
At the other end of the scale there are several websites that pay you to look at them, only pennies but it all adds up and my wife does this most days.
So what's that 32-33


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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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I write on sites like Helium which pays you a tiny amountof ad share per view but I have had up to 30 quid a month for not much really. Also thriftyfun.com pays one off competition wins of $20. When we first moved abroad it all added up and helped us survive. Elance is a site where jobs are advertised that you can do online, like proofreading.

Also if you are a teacher, Teachit pays for resources and the exam boards are curently hiring. :flower: If you add little bits to the money you would save being at home because you would have time to cook and grow your own plus saving the cost of childcare. Also if you could get someone you trust to mind the baby, sign up for the supply agencies but say you only want Monday/Tuesday and split the profits with them. :flower:

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Re: 101 ways to earn a little extra cash

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36. If you live near a University with a psychology department, you can sign up to participate in research in exchange for cash, normally between £6 and £8 an hour in my experience. The research can range from wearing EEG electrodes on your head to simple spelling tests and games. Google "university of ... "research participation system" uk" (if you are in the uk, of course!) And plenty of options come up!

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