101 chemical free ideas for the home

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Re: 101 chemical free ideas for the home

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MrsD'ville mkII -I use b.soda to wash my hair, but I dissolve a teaspoon or so in a mug of warm water, pour it over my head & kind of lather it up - it washes out way easier than putting it as a paste on your head :wink: . And to make your hair all lovely & silky, put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a mug of water & pour that over your head to follow, leave it for a minute or so & your hair will be softer than it ever was with conditioner. You can add some essential oil to the mix if you want extra flowery smelling hair!

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Re: 101 chemical free ideas for the home

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Washing Soda..... on just about anything that needs cleaning!
It's great if used neat on those tiles behind the hob that's splashed with grease...

Pop some in a bowl with tin foil in the bottom, add water & get your silver clean!

Use it with white vinegar & clean EVERYWHERE! (Bang! And the dirt is gone! - But much better & much cheaper! :mrgreen: )
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Re: 101 chemical free ideas for the home

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I used to use white vinegar for all sorts like so many other selfsufficientishies - and now I use all my overly sour kombucha for white vinegar. And to make a nice drink (honey + sour kombucha + bit of ginger).
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