Banana Smoothie Update

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Barbara Good
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Banana Smoothie Update

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Hello All,

Following my thread about banana smoothies allegedly speeding up labour, I got the chance to try it out at the weekend! Bump decided to pull the plug and set the waters free on Sunday (5 days early), so there was I, mixing up banana smoothie, waiting for labour to kick in so I could try it out on my way to the old VBAC.

Alas, my silly old body decided NOT to go into labour that day. Or the next day. Went to hospital where they gave me the scary warnings about my waters having gone meaning an infection could get in there. I bounced on the Swiss ball, walked around the hospital grounds a thousand times, and still no labour. So I sacrificed the VBAC and went for the caesarian - I just couldn't bear the thought of some kind of infection getting in and ruining everything right at the end. And I didn't drink the banana smoothie - Mr Grubby did!! He didn't go into labour either.

So I guess another of our pregnant Ish-ers will have to test the theory! Our newest self-sufficientish member is Nya Elsie Rose and she's delicious. Going to wait for her little belly button clip thing to fall off then I'll start her in her little fluffy nappies. Eco disposables until then. I'm off to get some sleep before the next feed.


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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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Congratulations and welcome Nya, I personally think that you had a lucky escape, as can't stand the thought of banana smoothies, got to be berries if anything!

Enjoy your baby and enjoy every snatched moment of rest that you can get!

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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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Awww congratulations and welcome to LO
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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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Congratulations and welcome LO.I was told pineapple and orange juice in large quantities get labour going so drank loads and ate 2 whole pineapples when I was 5 days late but it was a sweep at the hospital that go me going and I was off pineapple and OJ for ages!!
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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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My mum went in to labour with me halfway through eating a banana, so I've been told (many times)

Hello Nya Elsie Rose :wave: welcome to the world. It's yours.
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Barbara Good
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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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I'm sorry it didn't all work out the way you wanted, but you must still be thrilled! Welcome to Nya! :cheers:

I'll try and test the banana smoothie theory for you if you like... I love bananas :)
Smile :)


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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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Congratulations and lots of happiness to you all!
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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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Congratulations and welcome to little Nya :sunny:
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Re: Banana Smoothie Update

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congrats, as for pineapple juice... you'd need to eat something like 6 whole, ripe, fresh pineaplles for it to even begin to have an effect.

banana smoothies? no ideas lol!

glad Nya came into the world safe and sound though.
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