Cloth Nappies for dummies please!

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Re: Cloth Nappies for dummies please!

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They're really good reviews, thanks for posting them.

Money wise - you can pick up one-size pockets too - they start from about £3 per nappy including 2 inserts, in either cotton or minky. Though with some of the minky, I tend to worry about hot bubs'll be with that.

I like the idea of the disposable nappy pads for bubs on occasion. Might give those a try and see if they'll work for nights rather than a full disposable.

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Re: Cloth Nappies for dummies please!

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Dear Naomij, do you have a patern for the over pants you knitted? I'd be very grateful if I could take a look at it.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lovepie, where would I get or be able to have a look at the fleece covers?

Dear Citizen Twiglet, where did you get your's, I like the sound of them?

The main thing I'm worried about is fabric. All of my family have quite bad eczema so we're very limited on what fabrics we can wear and there's a good chance Little QB will be the same. I'm concerned about elastic, plastic or wool touching skin and especially round the leg body join where the skin's extra sensitive and prone to tearing.

See, I said I'd be asking lots of questions...

Thank you, QB

Mr and Mrs luvpie
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Re: Cloth Nappies for dummies please!

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here you go honey these are hte ones i used

one of the best wool covers i ever had was made out of two sleeves of a grown ups jumper sewn together so they were legs of a trousers if you see what i mean, if you see any 100% wool (has to be real wool) jumpers in charity shops you can make them cheaply

it is worth doing an online search around october (i think) for real nappy week as there aare a few companies that give tester nappies away to try and encourage people to use them.

oh another thing is to try signing up to june time although i didn't sign up there, they normally advertise it on there but each year mother and baby mag look for parents to test products, this year i found out about it from a friend but ended up testing nappies, breast feeding products, toilet training aids and a pushchair!

in fact because of this dylan has his first new nappies ever
the ever growing luvpie household currently contains, 4 boys, 4 chickens, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 4 fish, an empty tropical fish tank waiting new arrivals, now are we daft to look at our broody hen thinking, if we got some fertilised eggs........

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Re: Cloth Nappies for dummies please!

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I love my (well, my daughters!) cloth nappies. We use mostly pocket nappies, but also some shaped nappies, and have used terries in the past. I do prefer the pockets, though.

Have you tried There are lots of pre-loved nappies on there, as well as advice on different types. I can also recommend as a place to search for infomation. Happy clothing!

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