drying clothes and nappies?

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Re: drying clothes and nappies?

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I've got two kids both out of nappies now, but used washables for both.
Just wanted to echo what some people have already said, the airers you hang from the ceiling are the way to go. I've always called them a Victorian maid, bit there are different names for them.
thing is the washing dries quickly as it's up near the ceiling where the heat rises to and it's also up out of the way so doesn't get knocked over etc.. if you get a damp issue in the room open a window very slightly (just a crack) to give a bit of air circulation.
Best to put it above a heat source like a log burner or a Rayburn etc etc
I loved the nappy stage and found the washables fantastic, could never personally understand why anyone would want to use the horrid disposables.

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Re: drying clothes and nappies?

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The only thing about drying in the kitchen, I find, is that the nappies (particularly the heavy terry ones) pick up the cooking smells. And I rather like, if not that lovely 'dried outside' smell, the smell of the washing powder. Not the smell of mackerel, curry, chutney or whatever else I've been brewing for dinner.
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Re: drying clothes and nappies?

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Many women keep dry t-shirts in drawers, quite often in bedrooms, and I suggest that they look there if they find themselves inadvertently dampened, for example by a sudden shower or by absent mindedly climbing into the bath without first removing their clothes.

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