Do I tell someone?

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: Do I tell someone?

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I read this with shock, and sincerely hope that everyone involved got the help and support that they needed.
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Big Al
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Re: Do I tell someone?

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Milims wrote: I am aware that they have contact with social services, so do I say something?

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Re: Do I tell someone?

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God, what a bad situation. I'm glad that people are aware of it; sounds awful. Hope things are are alright with your daughter.

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margo - newbie
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Re: Do I tell someone?

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I completely understand why you would feel the need to ring social services. But I fear that this young girls outbursts and acts of inappropriate behaviour are possibly a result of her being constantly left (some may see it as abandonment) by her mother. Her grandparents are her saving grace, but she is probably not emotionally mature enough to understand this. She is also probably drawn to your daughter because perhaps she see's how your daughter has things, with regards to f/t loving parents and no one dumping her off -this is perhaps the closest she has come to this. I can see why you wouldn't want this type of influence on your child. But if I am honest, if this girl is below 16 she will possibly be removed which would cause further animosity/trauma. Being in the care of SS isn't an option it is a LAST resort.

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