Potty Training.......again?

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Potty Training.......again?

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My not quite 3 year old, has gone back to wearing nappies after quite literally months of being dry during the day, and most nights as well.

Fair enough this happened when she was sick ( I always find my two lose their continence a little when there are about to come down with something), and whilst her big sister had to go in and out of hospital for numerous tests and procedures.

I took it that she is obviously 'sensitive' to this and was being affected by it, decided to bide my time and then get her back into pants when things have settled down....

...they've been settled since Christmas and still she misses every signal for needing a wee, and will also happily fill her nappy in front of you if she is not caught and placed on the pot. :dontknow:

I'm going to have a 'no nappies' day with her at home on Sunday, to see if we can get her a little more into the swing of things, but she seems to not register any of the signals at all. I'm worrying that she's got some underlying UTI or something and that I'm just dismissing it off hand. As I have to be honest and admit that I'm a little inclined to think that she's just being a bit lazy. :?

Any thoughts folks?

Lorna x

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Re: Potty Training.......again?

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Get her checked out for anything underlying physically, and work from there - at least you know where you are going. It may be that there is some residue of her previous illness as well as "forgetting" how to do it. She's only a wee thing (no pun intended!) so try going back to the beginning and moving on. Good luck hun :hugish:
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Re: Potty Training.......again?

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it took me ages to get little one trained - he was dry from august last year in time for nursery but then he went and nobody really 'bothered' to help him and ask him to go ,like i did at home , id make a point of taking him to the loo every few hours till he 'got it' - it wasnt a big nursery so i cant understand why they didnt push it !

anyhow it took ages to get him back in to his routine and i spent the whole half term repeating the training - hes now perfect even puts the seat down when hes finished :thumbright: ( hes learn't to stand up to pee and hes only 3 1/2)

id just go back to the basic training - give the LO advance warning that the nappies are going - back to the shop/the nappy fairy or whatever works for you then try again. stickers for a good day, no stickers for an accident . :flower:

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