Am I Going Mad?

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Re: Am I Going Mad?

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I made an enemy of one of the TAs in sophie's class within the first week... the second day soph was there she came out of school and told me she felt ill. she was decidedly green aorund the gills. I asked what a day she'd had, and she told me great and they had (in her words) "Betty Pillow" for snack time. I was confused and eventually worked out she was saying "petits filous"... THEY GAVE MY LACTOSE INTOLLERANT CHILD A FROMAGE FRAIS.
I said to her "did you not tell mrs C(the TA) about your lactose intollerance"? and aparently mrs C had told her to eat it anyway 'cos it's good for your bones. grrrrrrrr. I made fuss, kicked up a stink as I had told the school about the problem before she started.....

also kind of reminds me of myself, age 9 we were discussing garden fruits in my class. tlaking about what kind of berries and currants you can grow... someone said black currants. sonmene else said red currants. I said "white currants" and was told "don't be silly Emma, there's no such thing"... ummm yeah there is. my grandparents had a massive patch in their garden!!!!!

I really hope you get the teacher in question kicked up the bum... you *could* even go so far as to add a collar to the dress. even if it's a lace one. lol.
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Re: Am I Going Mad?

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First off,well sone for producing such a fab item of clothing,I wouldn't have a clue where to start ! As for the teacher,i hope you do confront her over this,teachers always claim to be under lots of stress,but ,frankly,if all she's got to whinge about is a petty matter like where your daughter's lovely dress came from,well.... makes my blood boil...silly cow x
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Re: Am I Going Mad?

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I don't understand teachers, they have a very influential role in our children's lives and they sometimes come out with utter counter productive nonsense. My son decided one morning that he no longer liked porridge because his teacher had told him that she didn't like porridge becuase it was like glue.

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