Does anyone NOT have a television?

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

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Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:39 am

We have a tv and don't feel guilty about having it. We don't watch a huge amount and most of the time we are doing something else at the same time too. After I've finishe my jobs and put my daughter in bed I might get a hour or two a night. I see something that looks interesting and will record it but find that actually finding the time to watch it be difficult to fit in. Foriegn language films with subtitles are great because I can watch at double speed .
As this thread is in the eco parenting forum I suppose I should say something about kids programmes.Some I find are quite educational, Handy Manny is a cartoon about an hispannic handyman and has "taught" my daughter (7 years old) a few words of spanish and by five she knew the difference betweeen philips and sloted screwdrivers and she told me what tools to use when I was taking a radiator of the wall. Others that she likes just seem baffling to me, jungle junction is all about a community of strange animal/vehical hybrids which just doesn't make any sense to me. On cbebbies there is a programme set in a garden with talking vegatables which seems odd to me when we are all trying to convince kids to eat their vegatables.
Of course there are the awful talent(less) shows such as X factor which I was forced to watch , well endure, at my sister-in-laws recently. I played with my daughter whilist it was on but there was no escape from the god awful tuneless wailings in the background.
I'm surprised no one has said they just use the tv for gardeners world and river cottage given the nature of this forum, oh and the reruns of the good life of course.


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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

Post: # 267562Post diggernotdreamer
Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:46 pm

There is some useful stuff on the tv, obviously gardening programmes, but when my daughter was a baby, she was sitting on my sisters knee and started going a funny colour and was obviously choking, she had swallowed a 2 pence piece, luckily, I had seen a feature on the tv a few days before about what to do if a child chokes, so I did what I had seen and the coin shot out of her mouth. Had I not have seen that programme, my daughter would have choked to death.

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

Post: # 274531Post silly_sammy
Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:29 pm

No TV here! Refuse to pay the extortianate licence and then the company supplying on top of that. We get on just fine without. Admittedly, I do have the laptop- so we can look at stuff online when the mood takes us. My little boy is 5 next week, and is just fine without. I find he is so much more imaginative on days when theres no laptop or radio on.

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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

Post: # 276030Post clare
Sat Aug 24, 2013 8:49 pm

We have tv as hubby can't live without it but I watch very few programmes I read a good book or knit or sew instead.I do watch gardeners world and history programmes.I do love a period drama but have to record them as hubby hates them so I could just live with a laptop.we do watch a film as a family on a Saturday night but a DVD would do.
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Barbara Good
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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

Post: # 276032Post tosca
Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:06 am

We have TV through the computer. As we are two hours ahead here I don't watch much, tend to record more than watch live as we are early to bed-early to rise people. We were a while without when we moved here, which was nice as we could spend more time outside with it being cooler and not many flies. But there have been lots of days when it is too hot for me inside and out, given that I am at a certain age when periods of incredible heat attack me whatever the weather! :lol: Making bread can be a trial!

Then in winter, for a couple of months, I will be venturing outside for necessities only! So will need something other than books, which I can read at an alarming rate.

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Re: Does anyone NOT have a television?

Post: # 276046Post 123sologne
Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:16 pm

We have a TV... In a box, in the barn... It has been there since we moved to France in March 2012. I missed it a bit, so we got our favourite US series (NCIS, The mentalist...) and we watch that in the evening when we have nothing better to do (fishing with friends until night fall, then "apperitif", then dinner around 10pm... Go home for sleep around 1am... :oops: ). Otherwise if we are not fishing and then talking about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, we catch up with reading. :shock:

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