Wi-fi for £5.49

Tomorrow's World was a show on BBC TV about innovations and tech stuff and I thought a good name for our computing and tech section.
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Wi-fi for £5.49

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is this a record? :mrgreen:
I picked up a "Sky" modem/router at a boot sale about ten days ago for £2 - thanks to the unofficial Skyusers forum I found out how to "crack" it so it could be used on any network. It turned out to be a Netgear 834gt giving 108mbs - I was then down a mains adaptor........next bootsale, the first wall-wart I picked up was not only a Netgear one, but the correct one
(different seller) - 50p..........(really weird)
Next, a wifi card from ebay - £2.99...........I'm now wi-fi'ed! :cheers:
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See I read that and thought that there some great broadband deal going on, damb it was just you showing off about your cheap goods.

Good find though mate.
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