Les grenouilles

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Re: Les grenouilles

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Why do newts making a popping sound when they breach the water?? I've never noticed that before!
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Re: Les grenouilles

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It's when they cope up for air. It's quiter distinctive and a much softer more muted sound than popping bubble wrap. On a still quite evening you can hear it from several feet away easily. Have a look at this under newt behaviour :icon_smile:

http://www.animalcorner.co.uk/britishwi ... mnewt.html
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Re: Les grenouilles

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A question for the amphibian fans. I've just been outside trying to rescue a veggie bed from weeds. As I dug I woke up a very unhappy toad (I think, although it could have been a frog). In the Autumn the same thing happened in a different bed, that time it was two! I am very happy to have them on my land, and don't want to hurt them or drive them away, but I am less happy to be unable to dig any of my beds over. Do any of you know, am I endangering them by waking them up (it's 8c outside, but it's going to be a frosty night) Will they give up and hybernate somewhere else if I keep disturbing them, or are they just attracted to the recently dug soil? Should I make another part of the garden more attractive than my beds? How would you do that? We have a log pile already, and a large shed they can crawl under. Thanks!

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