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Barbara Good
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Cross stitch search

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I found this unfinished piece of work that is years old and the chart was not with it. I seem to remember it coming from a magazine although it's been so long I might be wrong.
cross-stitch.JPG (612.72 KiB) Viewed 6822 times
Has anyone come across it online somewhere so I can get around to finishing it. Also, it's meant to be a cot or pram cover and I'd like to know what are the easiest ways of making it into one.
Many thanks!

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Re: Cross stitch search

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Looks like just the tree needs finishing - I don't think you'd need a chart for that, just keep the edges rounded - like the bush.

Not sure how you'd make it into a cover - depends how big it is in the first place. Crochet a border or something or cut it out and sew it onto another fabric as an applique, maybe?

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