Came clean to boss

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Re: Came clean to boss

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Helsbells wrote:
Well last night I watched a programme called Running S****burys, and there was a man who absolutely loved his job as complaints manager, he was really cheerful and positive. I want to be more like him, so I think (untill I have a baby!!) I will try to be more positive about my job and look at the good side rather than the negative. This is hard at times, like today when I only got in from school about 15 minutes ago! But I have to make the best of it.
I saw that, it was very impressive. This is really what I meant, in short, be happy, otherwise it's you that will ultimately suffer. Depression is horrible, and best avoided I think!

My Grandfather was a man who throughout the War, the hard times, the 80 hours in a brickworks, tending his garden, having only enough money for a half oz of golden virginia, maintained a sense of contentment. He wanted little, and got it, but kept a wry smile on his face, and a kind word to say to most (except Americans and black people obviously!) There is capitalism yes, but if you can be exploited whilst steel feeling happy and content, then is that really exploitation.

My current issue is with red tape, and NImby's and people who are jealous of others and complain and use the system to inconvenience people.

In order to get my small holding productive I had to relay a long hedge, and someone complained, and the council automatically issued a blanket tree preservation order. It took me ages to appeal to this, and then 2 months later after the time had passed when I could finish the job, they just cancelled it. No apology or explanation.

Then a month later I applied to be a Foster Carer, and they said I couldn't as I live on the River, and this was dangerous!

Nasty men in Parks, druggies on swings and knife crime rampant, and the country side is now deemed to dangerous for children, even though my two are fine!

Keep up the positive though Hells, you can't let the numpties drag you down, and you have to strive for you own contentment.
The worlds gone man I tells ya!

EDIT. Mad, not man! Although it is apt typo in this instance!
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No I won't use a smiley because I've decided to turn into Boboff, as he's turned all nice all of a sudden. Grumble grumble.

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Re: Came clean to boss

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aye... you'll pull through...
and come the revolution we can hang all the b*****ds... although the revolution might be a while away... engineering works between here and China, replacement bus service... no bikes allowed :shock: :pale: :pale: :angryfire: :cussing: :brave:
As I ping from tree to tree I wonder... why do I seem to have transformed into a pinging tree-dwelling thing?

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