Who taught you to cook?

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Re: Who taught you to cook?

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I watched my parents when I was little, but I didn't really start learning to cook until I was 12. That was when I stubbornly decided that I was NOT going to eat foods I already knew I didn't like, and nobody was going to make me eat them!

My mother, who had wisely learned that pressuring a stubborn person only makes them dig in their heels more, informed me that I could eat whatever I liked, but that she was not going to prepare 2 different dinners, so if I didn't want what she was making I'd have to make my own.

I ate a lot of spaghetti O's that first few months, but by that same time next year, I was cooking fancy 3-course meals for the whole family, from scratch.

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Barbara Good
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Re: Who taught you to cook?

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I learnt with my great grandma, my gran and my mum. recipes (well kinda, more like list of ingredients with mystery quantities :p ), techniques and memories that will last forever...
Now, I use books and internet (library, blogs and youtube)

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Re: Who taught you to cook?

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I guess I picked stuff up from school, TV, parents, Grandparents and other people. I've always loved food so messing around in the kitchen comes natural to me, whether or not I create a disaster is another thing.
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