Hello... again!

A chance to meet up with friends and have a chat - a general space with the freedom to talk about anything.
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Hello... again!

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Back again!

So, what's new with you guys and girls?

Haven't been here in a while... again but as life is temporarily back on track it's time to get back to normal... whatever that is lol.

Life went a bit sh*tty midway through last year. Firstly a close friend died of Cancer which knocked me for six and I ended up i counseling for a while, then my Dad was taken into hospital for an emergency bowel re-section which turned out to be Cancerous. After more tests they found they had gotten all the bowel cancer out but unfortunately it had spread to his liver and abdominal cavity. It wasn't good news after that as they said it couldn't be 'cured' but all they can do is prolong his life.

As you can imagine this was an awful blow and I suddenly realized my parents aren't going to be around forever.

Dad is having Chemo now and is surprisingly chirpy and going about his ife as best as he can !

So, just out of hospital and my Dads recovery isn't going well, nothing is healing his liver and kidneys were failing and he ends up back in hospital again in the Intensive Care.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse... my Nan dies (my Dads Mum) and we don't know if we should tell my Dad or not... in the end we told him a few days after when he was strong enough.

All this plus my depression was out of control even on medication and I just gave up really.

However I'm dealing with it all now with P's help and if I want a laugh I have four beautiful Ferrets (pets not workers) who re endlessly amusing and in the year we've had them it's been a manic crash course of learning.

So... yeah... that's why I haven't been around much anywhere

Onwards and upwards though... if we don't get washed away by this bleddy weather :D

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Re: Hello... again!

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Hi sps, glad to hear you're rallying. Big hugs from me. :hugish: Last year was truly awful, wasn't it - if I can add my own tale of owe.

I've not been round much either. I had to stand down as Mod early in the year, I think, because we finally ready to open the bakery, which was great. Had an horrendous time with a friend of my gal's, who had come to help us, which was bad. I can't believe how much he'd changed since w last saw him - we're talking stealing and other things. He got packed off, short shrift - so it's just been the two of us. Talk about steep learning curves!

Then in October my OH had a heart attack - completely out of the blue, but of course, with hindsight I should have known he wasn't well. Fortunately it was very mild and he's now better than he has been for ages - that hindsight thing again :( We're on a fairly major health drive now. On the upside we're getting out and walking down to the beach every day. I can't believe we didn't do it before - it's kept my spirits up throughout everything that's been going on.

In November I discovered my brother has Alzheimers - I'm still stunned by this. He was so clever, talented musician (even John Peel said so!) and brilliant artist. And he's in another country and so I can't get to him.

I'm still trying to sort all this out so I'm having some time out from the shop before the season starts again. So I have a little time to come here and share stories - then I can't log in - will it never end? :lol:

Never doubt that you can change history. You already have. Marge Piercy

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. Anais Nin

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Re: Hello... again!

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You two make those of us with everyday lives where not much happens realise how lucky we are.

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Re: Hello... again!

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Hope this year gets better for you, mental health issues can seriously suck when you are having to deal with other stuff too, glad to see you are back.
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