How to use a toothstick a.k.a. Miswak / Sewak

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How to use a toothstick a.k.a. Miswak / Sewak

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Hi everyone

I'm sure many of you have come across this before. An alternative to plastic toothbrushes, and probably still today the most commonly used tooth cleaning device on the planet

But having started with some hazel sticks, I had some questions for anyone with experience of this.

Firstly, how did/do indigenous people keep their toothsticks. I presume they just take a stick from a tree as they need it, but living in London, I have to take a few sticks and keep them stored. Problem is they start to dry out and go hard. I've put them in an airtight jar, and will see how that goes but I've read that other toothsticks sweat, so mabe these will do the same.

Also, what woods / roots that I could grow in the UK do not disintegrate as you use it? Hazel tends to do it. I haven't tried any others, but I've got some licorice root on order, and may try some others.


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Re: How to use a toothstick a.k.a. Miswak / Sewak

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The other option would be to powder the sticks and use them on a regular toothbrush. I've got Miswak powder from Turkey (I know not the best option but I wanted to try it out) that I add to my to my homemade tooth powder.

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Re: How to use a toothstick a.k.a. Miswak / Sewak

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Try to cover it with cellophane to keep it fresh. I used it and found it better than toothbrushes. Peelu and Olive Miswaks are the best ones for your teeth. Try them If you can easily get them.

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