Boletus chrysenteron - Red Cracking Bolete?

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Boletus chrysenteron - Red Cracking Bolete?

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Hello all,

Found these today at the foot of the garden growing on the grass.
I think they are Red cracking Boletes. Anyone offer any opinions on this?
All quite small in diameter. Biggest is around 10cm.

I've read varying opinions on the eating them if that's what they are. Anyone tried them, is it worth it?
Could it be worth drying them instead? ... ure117.jpg ... ure122.jpg ... ure123.jpg ... ure115.jpg


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Re: Boletus chrysenteron - Red Cracking Bolete?

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Hi Penny Bun,

I think they're red cracked boletes, but I'm not 100% certain; it's so hard to tell from photo's. Still, I'd say you have it right.

I find quite a lot of these. Sadly, they are of only marginal use in the kitchen. Fresh, they are mushy and tasteless. Dried, they are no longer mushy... but still not especially tasty. They are just about worth drying if you want to add them to a mix of dried fungi, but on their own, they have little to offer other than ubiquity.