Dog ate something it shouldn't Have!

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Re: Dog ate something it shouldn't Have!

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My dog in the UK has had his stomach pumped twice after eating pain killers (no-one knew where he got them from...) and x-rays once after eating a sewing kit. Luckily, he didn't eat any pins or needles, but he had to be xrayed to be on the safe side.

My dog here in China is pretty good, but she does have a habit of eating hair (I have long long hair) and i have to wait until she goes 'poopy' and make sure that there's no hair holding stuff inside...there's been a few times that i've had to tug a lump to get the hair out of her backside...

The dog we had when i was younger ate a sock once. when he went to the loo, the sock came out a little poo package.

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Re: Dog ate something it shouldn't Have!

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Eeeeew. A sewing kit! Amazing.

I haven't seen the fabric come out, but she is her usual hyperactive bonkers self, so I don't think there is any permenant damage.
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