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Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:25 pm
by Brewtrog
I was at an Indian on holiday and saw a recipe for a paneer curry, I didn't have a clue what paneer was, so after getting whatever it was I ate I looked up paneer. Turns out it's a type of cheese, similar to ricotta. I've wanted to make cheese of some form for ages, but never really wanted to shell out for another hobby (I also dont have the space for much new gear and the space I do have can always be filled with more demi johns :drunken: ). So when I looked up a recipe for paneer I was rather happy to find out it was really easy to make.
The recipe I used is
3 litres whole milk
3 tbsp lemon juice
Bring the milk to a boil, once boiling turn off the heat add lemon juice and stir for 1 min. Then leave to separate for 10 minutes.
The curds started to form more or less immediately, which was rather odd to see.
After the 10 mins, strain through muslin/cheese cloth (a tea towel was all I had) until it stops dripping. Put it on a plate, place a heavy weight on top (I used the bowl of whey i collected) and leave for 4 hours.
Just to warn you it doesn't have much flavour of its own, but it works brilliantly in a curry (it doesn't melt so acts sort of like a meat substitute, although that is a really unfair comparison)